Who Benefits from Movement Education

Anyone who wishes to regain or develop more freedom, ease, power, support and expressiveness in their life.

Those with injury, chronic pain, repetitive strain and many conditions: such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, issues adjunct to joint replacement, herniated disc, etc.

Performing artists and teachers of the performing arts.

Athletes and martial artists.

Those working with the constraints of computers and office environments.

Massage therapists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, dentists, and others in the helping professions. Those in the service industries such as hairdressing, food service and transportation. Anyone wishing to maintain an ergonomic and efficient coordination.

Alexander Teacher Training

Alexander Technique Teacher Training with Director and primary teacher, Susan Sinclair, is an enlivening, experiential process of education.

Training at the studio includes study with senior international visiting guest teachers three to four weeks annually, allowing students to experience the breadth and scope of teaching within the Alexander community.

Susan has been running her Teacher Training Program since 2003, after assisting and teaching at the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia from 1993-2002; all the while maintaining a private practice in Toronto.

Susan has dedicated her life to the study of movement: from childhood dance, sailing and skiing to professional modern dance training; then to extensive Pilates and Alexander Technique training; followed by diverse movement studies such as T’ai Chi, Aikido, Contact Improvisation, Aerial Dance and Feldenkrais.

Winter Schedule 2018

2018 is upon us!  Let's get off to a good start!

Karen Carlson, February 10-11, 2018

Reformer Workshop with Senior Pilates Teacher KAREN CARLSON Saturday…
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Thinking in Action, 2018

Thinking in Action, Saturdays, 7-9pm with The Director of…

2018 Summer Workshop

The 2018 Toronto Alexander Technique Summer Workshop "Mindfulness…

Karen Carlson, October 19-21, 2018

Cadillac Workshop with Senior Pilates Teacher KAREN CARLSON Saturday…

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Alexander technique reduces low back pain disability

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