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About the Studio

After years of dance training resulted in injury and chronic pain, Susan worked with a combination of Alexander Technique and the Pilates Method to rehabilitate and retrain as a dancer and aerialist. Susan first trained in the Pilates Method and then went on to become certified in the Alexander Technique. She has maintained a private practice in both disciplines since completing her studies in 1993; and has conducted teacher training programs in Pilates for close to fifteen years, and in Alexander Technique since 2002. After years of working with these two Techniques, Susan has now established an educational centre to teach students, train teachers and bring in senior teachers from around the world.

The CentreWhat underlies teaching at the Centre are fundamental principles of human movement. While the Alexander Technique applies to performance and/or routine daily activities, this type of retraining of the student’s coordination is useful in restoring a state of whole-body musculo-skeletal balance and functioning; and in the process, freeing the student from the consequences of the imbalances that are the cause or effect of chronic pain, fatigue and injury. Once balance has been restored and the student is free of acute or chronic pain, he or she can then continue to retrain whole body balance and coordination using the Pilates Method.

The Studio is interested in providing classes in a diversity of movement disciplines. Private lessons and classes are currently offered in Alexander Technique, Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. Classes are open to all levels of student ability and tend to reflect a broad range of capabilities.