Thinking in Action

Thinking in Action, Saturdays, 7-9pm


the Director of the Alexander Technique

Teacher Training Program

Susan Sinclair

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Remaining dates in 2017:  July 8.

Saturday evenings of each training weekend will be open to any student or teacher interested in the Technique.

These classes will focus on assisting students in the application of the Alexander Technique directly into the activities of their lives; either in relation to performance (i.e. with an instrument, dancing, singing) or in relation to any daily activity or task (i.e. cycling, running, gardening, computer work, household chores).

The July 8 class is concurrent with  the Annual Summer Workshop.

Both events are open to teachers and graduates, as well as trainees and the general public.

Upcoming dates:   Jul 8

Class Fee:  $25 (HST Included)

Those interested in attending can register online or contact Director of Training, Susan Sinclair, 416 603 2650.


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