Esther Cieri

Esther Cieri

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Esther Cieri (BA, FOYT C, Rei Ki 1) is certified to teach the Alexander Technique, Pilates and Yoga. Her specialty is working with people in injury rehabilitation and prevention, managing chronic conditions and developing good coordination to promote ease of movement in any daily activity. Esther hopes to inspire you to take the small but life enhancing changes you make in her classes into your professional and personal lives, to enrich, to challenge and to harmonize all that you do on a daily basis.

rj fleck

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rj fleck (DMA, ATCL, CTAT) holds advanced degrees from the Universities of Toronto, California and Stanford University in music performance and composition, computer science and digital audio engineering. He is an accomplished pianist. For the last several years he has been devoting time to embodiment practices such as the Alexander Technique, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and Vipassana meditation. He completed certification at the Susan Sinclair Alexander Technique and Pilates Centre as a teacher of the Alexander Technique in 2007 and achieved his Pilates certification in 2009.  He certified as a Yoga teacher with Octopus Garden in Toronto in 2011.