Anatomy with David Gorman During 2015-2016 Training

David Gorman will be teaching his work,  “Anatomy of Wholeness” as part of the Studio’s Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program for 2015/2016.

This will be a 36 hour course for trainees as well as for any graduates or serious students that wish to join.  It is recommended that people consider taking the whole course, as it will be set out in such a way to bring the study of anatomy together with the Alexander Technique.

Classes begin Saturday September 12 from 3 -5pm, and then again on Wednesday September 16 from 10am-12pm.  David will teach every Saturday of the training as well as every Wednesday of the week long trainings.

Fees for this course will be $40 per class, or $720 for the whole course.

Please contact the Studio Director if you are interested in attending.

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